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Fire Detection & Alarm

MR-2100/2200 Series Addressable Fire Alarm Control System

Secutron's MR-2100 and MR-2200 addressable input fire alarm control panels provide flexible and cost effective operation to satisfy system requirements for both economy and capability. Their modular design assures that as system needs and applicable codes evolve, fire alarm control panel functions can be updated as required.

Optional networking modules allows the MR-2100 and MR-2200 to be connected to a Secutron network to provide additional input circuits, visual zones, programmable notification appliance (bell) circuits, and relays. Up to 254 control and annunciator units can be networked together. The network is a DCLR (Data Communications Link, Redundant) configuration loop.

MR-2900/2920 Series Addressable Fire Alarm Control System

The MR-2900 fire alarm system control unit is the heart of a sophisticated microprocessor-based fire alarm system. With the capability of networking, the MR-2900 is ideally suited for the varied needs of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. The MR-2900 provides both conventional and addressable input circuits. It has the ability to 'software' configure conventional input circuits for alarm or supervisory function, and operation with contact devices only, smoke detectors only, or both smoke detectors and contact devices with the system having the ability to differentiate between smoke detector and contact device activation. Addressable input circuits using addressable analog detectors, monitoring modules, and control modules are available using addressable input circuit modules.

i3™ Series

The new i3™ Series takes a unique approach toward reducing costs with its installation ease, intelligence, and instant inspection. And our carbon monoxide, heat and beam detectors provide an effective solution when specialty detection is required.

Audible/Visible Notification Product Line

The System Sensor SpectrAlert Advance product line is the industry's newest, most refined series of audible/visible notification appliances that simplify the specification, configuration, and installation of fire systems. These indoor and outdoor, wall and ceiling devices include plug-in design for wiring mounting plates, pre-installation wiring continuity checks, plus choice of high fidelity or high volume speakers and eleven field-selectable candelas.

HVAC Systems Monitoring Product Line

InnovairFlex combines an impressive collection of innovations shaped by your field experience and our life safety design expertise. One unit can accommodate multiple installation footprints to overcome mounting constraints. Tool-free, snap-in sampling tubes speed and simplify installation. Broad temperature and humidity ranges accommodate exposure to environmental extremes. Easily visible status indications and a readily accessible test feature simplify testing and maintenance. With its unmatched flexibility, InnovairFlex can adjust to fit any application.

Sprinkler Systems Monitoring Product Line

System Sensor's full line of sprinkler monitoring devices is designed to monitor fire sprinkler systems and provide the peace of mind property owners' need.

Waterflow detectors monitor the flow of water to sprinkler heads with a specially designed vane-type paddle.

Supervisory switches help prevent tampering and incorrect setting of valve controls.

Intelligent Detection Product Line

System Sensor's intelligent smoke detectors use advanced communications protocols to ensure accuracy and stability. Sophisticated software provides false alarm reduction and automatically monitors detector sensitivity. Extensive research and development allow us to optimize technologies based on environment and risk.

Take a look at laser technology used in clean rooms and communications centers, difficult environment smoke detectors for dusty or dirty facilities, multi-criteria devices for areas requiring stability and performance.