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Fire Extinguishers

We at Bluefence highly recommend using the next generation fire supression solutions, 'Firekiller' and 'Fireknockout'.

They are low-maintainence, 'green' alternatives to Fire Extinguishers.


Linear Heat Sensing Technology

New concept in hand held fire extinguisher,limitless shelflife, extremely light weight - 350 grams, no refilling required. Approved by all fire departments. The upper part is a metal tube containing the extinguishing charge;the lower part is made of plastic handle and serves as a support handle.
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Fire Knockout

Fireknockout Self activating fire extinguisher with long life of 7 years without refilling. The product works very fast when it comes into contact with open fire. The resultant fire can be fought immediately at the start, so that any subsequent damage will be limited.
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